PATRIAS is heavy metal band from Smederevo, Serbia, formed in 2005 as Patria (fatherland in Latin). But, after realising that there are at least three more bands with same name in the world, guys decided to add „S“ on name in 2013, to make a difference, so band is now called PATRIAS, which means PATRIA(from)S(erbia). After many problems with members, PATRIAS got full crew in fall 2013: Nemanja Plazinic (vocals), Darije Dejanovic (guitar), Nenad Djordjevic (drums) and Sasha Djordjevic (bass).

From the very beginning, members of the band started with creating their own songs. They wanted and tried to be original, to make their own sound, hard and tight music with clean vocals and unusual arrangements. In November 2013, band started recording first album in Serbian, at „Paradox“ studio in their hometown, with recorder and producer Srdjan Brankovic. Recording was finished in January 2014. Guys named album „Put“ (The Road) and it has eight songs. Serbian publisher Miner Records published album on CD in October 2014. Band now promotes album all over Serbia and looks for a promoter which will help to play in Europe and the rest of the world.

The style of this band could be called mixed heavy metal, it can’t be put in some specified metal genre. In their sound listener can hear many influences, from old school heavy metal, thrash and doom to death metal, combined with clean vocals. So, these guys believe that they have something for any metal fan, and even for those who don’t really like heavy metal.